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3 of our Favorite Pinterest Christmas Marketing Campaigns

Penned by Janet Thaeler

Christmas is close and while it might be getting late for this year, it’s not too early to think about next year.

Here are some of our favorite Christmas campaigns on Pinterest:

1. The Gap Pin to Win your Holiday Wish List Contest.
The Gap is giving out $50 gift cards to lucky pinners. The contest is being run from a Facebook app and promoted on their Facebook page. You can pin any of their clothes from the app and enter to win. The app tracks what’s being pinned and to announce each winner, Gap will comment on the winner’s pin.

Naughty: Restricting pins to what the brand wants rather than letting people pin anything they like from the site (but it makes it easier to track).

Nice: Pin it buttons right in the app (under each selection) make it super easy to enter and it’s why this one is a favorite.


2. Anthropologie’s It’s a Wrap
Many businesses create Christmas wish lists on their blog or website, why not take it another step and create a board out of it? This list of 13 things the tech tools marketers can’t live without would make a fun board.

Whatever you do, come up with a clever angle. Macy’s board, called Be Santa has a lot of followers but it’s all product and every description has the words: BUY NOW!!! Notice that there are almost no repins or likes. While we don’t know if this has led to sales, it’s too much of a hard sell for our tastes.

Don’t just pin your products, look for themes that your audience will respond to. Find a unique angle. Clothing retailer Anthropologie did that with their It’s a Wrap board. It’s full of ideas for wrapping presents and has hundreds of repins. They also have a Wish It, Win It contest and several Christmas-themed boards. They’re the first boards on the page right now (be sure to edit your boards to highlight the most relevant first).


Need more inspiration? Here you go.

3. 12 Days of Capitol One Christmas
This campaign is another twist on the Pin to Win and it’s from a credit card company. There is a new board created each day for 12 days. You click on the pin that has the day on it and are taken to their site to enter to win a gift card. With the thought and graphics that went into this one, it’s one of our favorites this year. They’ve carried the theme on their Facebook page (with a cover photo and updates about the contest).


Have you seen any outstanding Pinterset marketing campaigns centered around the holiday theme? Please share in the comments!

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