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3 Reasons to Drop What You’re Doing and Start Pinning [Infographic]

Penned by Brittany Stoker

Infographic: 3 Reasons to Start Pinning by @pinnablebiz

Pinterest is a relatively new online community in social media. It’s shiny. It’s big. And believe it or not, it’s making a lot of people a ton of money. Yet, so many people—especially men—will roll their eyes and groan at the mere mention of Pinterest. But Pinterest is so much more than wish lists and dream weddings. Here are three reasons—compelling, legitimate, eyebrow raising, dollar sign seeing reasons—to focus your social media energy on Pinterest. Use these tips to stop wearing holes in your jeans by begging on your knees for likes, shares, tags, favorites, mentions, and retweets:

1. Best eCommerce of Social Media

Think about this: What do people do on their social networks? On Twitter, people shop for a combination of news and attention (come on, we all know that all we really want from Twitter is a couple of retweets to help us realize our self-worth). On Facebook, we shop for people. We just can’t get enough of other peoples’ lives (or the lives they want you to think they have). Pinterest, however, is shopping purely for stuff. Most pins lead us off of Pinterest and right into the shiny halls of an online business. The average social media shopper comes away from a spree on Facebook in the $60 to $80 range. On the other hand, Pinterest shopping holds an average shopping cart of $140 to $180. “Well…” you might say, skeptically, “That is probably because there are a smaller number of users, because nobody is really on Pinterest.” Pinterest actually captures about 41% of eCommerce traffic. That surpasses the 37% hold that the titan Facebook has. Cha-ching!

2. Fastest Growing Network

Facebook grew pretty quickly. Twitter also took off pretty quickly. Instagram was quick. But Pinterest growth is even faster. In 2012, Pinterest had a record shattering 10 million unique visitors within only nine months. That massively outperforms every single social network in hitting that amount of traffic. Pinterest has a massive following with 70 million registered users! That is comparable to the registered users of the popular, male-dominated online community of Reddit. But catch this—recent studies show that of Reddit’s 70 million registered users, only about 2 million of them are considered active. Compared to Pinterest’s 20 (that’s right – TWENTY) million active users, it might make you feel less embarrassed that you’ve never heard of Reddit before.

3. Leaves a Lasting Impression

Unless it’s a wedding announcement, a death in the family, or a controversial political statement, your Facebook status probably doesn’t get very many likes. (Your grandma and Great Aunt Gert don’t really count.) And unless you’ve been announcing breaking news or insulting someone, it’s fairly likely that your tweets aren’t being retweeted or favorited either. In fact, studies show that a tweet only has effects for a couple of minutes. But a pin? You pin something, and it can remain click-worthy for months. As you can see, Pinterest is awesome. It brings more web traffic to sell more and it is a rapidly expanding marketplace. Your pins leave a bigger impression. So, no need to grovel for shares and retweets – just head to Pinterest! Stick your line in the water, crack open the cooler, turn on your favorite tunes, sit back, and relax as you reel in re-pin after re-pin and sale after sale. For more information, take a look at the following links and infographic.

Infographic: 3 Reasons to Get on Pinterest

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