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5 Ways Lowes Integrates Facebook and Pinterest

Penned by Janet Thaeler

Lowe’s is a great example of how you can leverage Facebook to drive people to your Pinterest account. Lowes may have started out as appealing to men who want to fix or build things, but they’ve leveraged Pinterest’s female demographic for marketing on Pinterest.

Here’s how they’ve done it.

1. Lowe’s Facebook cover image is a mosaic of their top pins from Pinterest.
This is smart because it combines the power of images and Pinterest with Facebook. The image got 47 likes and 4 shares on Facebook. We’re curious how they tracked their most pinned images from Lowes.com (if they used a tool). You could use PinAlerts but for a site this big it would still be tedious.

2. Lowes included a call to action on their Facebook cover image.
Note how Lowe’s has added a call to action in the bottom corner of their cover image. While it’s against Facebook terms of service to use blatant sales pitches in cover images, this one is subtle enough that it passes. When people click they’ll see the comments, which include a link to Lowe’s Pinterest account.

It says:
Find more inspiring ideas from Lowe’s on our Pinterest page at http://social.lowes.com/iTJ.

3. Lowe’s uses a Pinterest app to showcase their boards and pins on Facebook.
There are several apps for Pinterest on Facebook, this one is gorgeous. Note the background and how dramatic and large their pins are. Here’s a Pinterest app from Tabfusion that looks similiar (not sure how they got the awesome background image).

Notice there’s a call to action and button to follow Lowe’s on Pinterest.

4. Lowe’s made their logo Pinterest-friendly
Sony has also done this – they have made their logo more appealing to women or just more attractive. Your regular logo may work well on a building or a sign but be sort of boring for social media. Lowe’s has a different version of their logo for their Pinterest profile.

5. Lowes posts their top pins on Facebook.
Images do very well on Facebook and the same images you pin or your audience pins can make great status updates too. Repurpose your content like Lowe’s did:

Missed opportunity: So far Lowe’s does not link to or add Pin It buttons to their web site Lowes.com – we’re sure that would remind and encourage people to pin from the site.

What are people pinning from your web site? Check out our Pinterest tool PinAlerts.com to find out!

Have you seen any other examples of brands who have successfully leveraged Facebook and Pinterest? Please share in the comments.