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5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Lure Creative Employees

Penned by Sylvia Burley

Using Pinterest to Lure Creative Employees

It’s a fact: We have become a more visual society. We take more photos than ever before with our smartphones and we share them instantly on Facebook and Twitter.

Photos and images have become a huge part of social sharing, and smart companies are getting on board with sites like Pinterest to cash in on this unique branding opportunity. However, Pinterest can be used for much more than just engaging your audience with regards to your company or products.

Given the popularity of Pinterest within the creative crowd, surely turning your account into a creative display of your brand will likely attract the best of the best. When seeking out that perfect employee to fill a creative job opening, thinking outside the box may bring your company’s next superstar.

Going Visual For Recruitment

According to a study by ROI Research, the aspect that people enjoy most about social media sharing are the pictures. In fact, research found that brands who actively post more photos and pictures have the most engaged audience.

Yet, these audiences, when compared to less visual brands, were not more active by just a slight margin. Rather, the study shows social media audiences to be 54% more likely to actively communicate and interact with a visual brand.

That’s not a statistic you can afford to ignore.

By recognizing the power of imagery, your company is able to tap into a whole new world of opportunity. One such opportunity is to attract talented employees by showing them your business, rather than just telling them about it.

Here are some ways to harness the best and brightest of Pinterest while trying to capture the best and the brightest employees:

1) Showcase your Brand

Potential talent is going to poke around, and you should give them something to see. Boards on Pinterest are in many ways like categories on blogs. Like a blog, you can use boards to separate and highlight specific things you want people to know about your company.

By creating different boards about your company, you offer potential employees a chance to explore what makes your business the best. Tell your company’s story by having boards with information such as your company objectives; employee and corporate culture; public relations; unique value proposition; and anything else that makes you stand out from your competition.

Of course, don’t forget to have a jobs and career board, so that potential employees can find their dream job with your company.

2)  Be Social Away from Pinterest

Pinterest is great, but it doesn’t really allow you to contact other users. By cross posting your pins on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, you expand the reach of your talent pool.

Sharing your pins outside Pinterest is also helpful in increasing your reach within Pinterest. Sharing your pins and boards on other networks drives traffic back to your Pinterest profile.  This in turn helps you get more people to pin and share your jobs, increasing exposure.

Furthermore, this strategy can also build relationships, thus setting up a pool of talent from which to draw as future positions become available.

3) Create Position Board

A compelling argument can be made for setting up a new board for every new job posted on Pinterest. While a central jobs board can house all the various positions you offer, a per-job board allows you to communicate each position in a more specialized, highly creative way.

Identify the kind of person you’d like to fill the job; what kind of things do they like? What kind of person are they and what interests them? By pinning a position board this way, you’re more likely to attract the candidate you’re looking for.

4) Go employee fishing

Pinterest is obviously not for everyone. By creating Pinterest job focused boards, you are largely targeting talent that is active on Pinterest. So one of the most important things you can do is to find active Pinterest users who you think might fit the bill.

For example, if you’re looking for a great graphic designer, chances are they’ll have pins of their work. Doing a quick search of “Design Portfolio” on Pinterest will likely net a large number of talented artists.

After discovering someone you want to consider further, make sure to like and re-pin his or her work. Not only does this show that you like what he or she has created, but it also draws attention to your company.

Remember, building relationships is not a one-way street. In order to get engagement, you have to engage with people yourself.

5) Don’t forget the links and descriptions

What’s the point of recruiting on Pinterest if you forget to tell people where to apply? Have job position pins that lead potential applicants to the job description on your website.

In fact, everything you pin should connect back to your company’s website. Not only is this helpful for your applicant, but it is a great way to drive traffic to your site. With Pinterest currently the third largest social network, just barely behind Facebook and Twitter, having those links will be invaluable to your business.

Beating Out Your Competition

Forward thinking companies need creative recruiting methods to attract creative people. Using social media to your best advantage can increase your talent pool. Make sure you always indicate where to go to apply and don’t forget to engage with potential candidates.

Though these tactics are great, they are not necessarily a sure fire solution in capturing the talent you want. However, following these tips will give you an advantage over your competition when a talented person is searching for their next great job. 

About the Author

Sylvia Burley is a freelance writer and an Integrated Marketing and Communications Consultant who advises small business owners on digital marketing strategies including social media. 

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