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7 Pinterest Boards that Every Hotel Should Have

Penned by Vincent Ng

7 Pinterest Boards that Every Hotel Should Have by @pinnablebiz

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Vincent Ng, who is the founder of the Pintalysis Pinterest Marketing Blueprint, and an active social media marketer.

As Pinterest continues to grow with over 48 million unique users, there is no sign showing that it’s slowing down. Many businesses have joined, and hotels that are not on the social network need to be on it now. Given the majority of Pinterest’s users are women with purchasing power, it should be a no brainer that hotels should be on Pinterest.

With popular themes like interior decorating, wedding photos, and food, Pinterest is a natural fit for hotels.

Here are 7 Pinterest board tips that will help any hotel get noticed:

1) Show Off Your Rooms

It’s surprising how many hotel Pinterest profiles don’t show what their rooms look like. This is probably one of the biggest curiosities that customers that stay at a hotel have. Ensure that your hotel has a dedicated board showing off various rooms: your penthouse suites, rooms for romantic couples, and rooms that are perfect for children.

The example below is for a hotel located in Vancouver that makes this mistake. If you visit their Pinterest account you will notice that none of their boards highlight their rooms.

Don't make some of the poor mistakes that large hotel chains make on Pinterest. Ensure that you're Pinterest page attracts new customers and answers questions about your hotel.
2) Show Off Wonderful Events

Large hotels have event rooms that transform into stunningly beautiful ballrooms for special events like weddings or Christmas parties. This is an opportunity to show potential clients what type of event is possible at your hotel. Don’t just show off the grand events, show how small meeting rooms can be transformed with all the necessary amenities to run a professional meeting.

3) Show Off Your Yummy Food

Food is one of the most shared categories on Pinterest and makes up about 50% of the repins. If your hotel has a restaurant, be sure to show your delicious food, as this can be a big lure for travelers.

Show food that’s from the restaurant’s seasonal menu as well as food that’s available for weddings or large corporate dinners.

Here are some example pins of the food served at Wikaninnish Inn’s Pointe Restaurant, located in Tofino, British Columbia.

Highlight the delicious food that your hotel has to offer. Make it enticing so that customers don't go to another restaurant.

4) Show Kid Friendly Pictures

A lot of moms with children use Pinterest. Create a board that shows off the kid friendliness environment or the type of activities that families can do together at the hotel. Make it easy for families to choose your hotel by highlighting pictures of families having fun at your pool, enjoying a meal at your restaurant, and pictures of children unpacking stuffed animals in their hotel rooms.

5) Show Seasonal Activities in Your City

There are high seasons and low seasons for every industry, especially when it comes to tourism. But it’s important to create seasonal boards that highlight activities of what to do in your city during the different seasons. What type of activities would attract visitors to the city during the summer? What type of activities happen around during the winter and Christmas season? For example, does your city host a state fair or carnivals or a weekly farmer’s market at the park? Showing them can help people plan a more exciting trip.

Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Vancouver, the hotel that I stated could improve with my first tip, does a great job highlighting the many activities that take place throughout the year in Vancouver. In fact, they have 5 boards that showcase their home city.


In addition to highlighting seasonal activities, take the opportunity to use the pin descriptions to describe how you can make it easier for guests to do those activities. If the pin shows a local museum where tickets are accessible to purchase by the concierge, let viewers know that they can purchase tickets at 10% discount at your hotel.

6) Show Off Your Amenities

Remember to show off all the incredible amenities available to your guests. If you’ve got a great pool, it needs to be flaunted on a board. Show off your gym. And of course you need to show off the salon and spa. Remember the goal is to show a luxurious lifestyle that your hotel can provide guests.

If your hotel has a Starbucks or coffee shop, make sure to show that too. Sometimes it’s the smallest amenities that can make someone choose your hotel over another.

7) Show Off Your Staff and Behind the Scenes

Do you know what people on Pinterest find fascinating? Guests are always curious to know what happens behind the scenes at your hotel. I worked at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel, the largest hotel in Western Canada, and what happens behind the scenes was always quite interesting and lively. It’s sad that that this hotel that has over 700 rooms doesn’t have a Pinterest account.

Create a board that shows pictures of how chefs prepare food, or how banquet staff prepare drinks during large events. And highlight some of your great staff that have worked their long term to give, not just one face, but several faces to your hotel. The Four Seasons in Vancouver does a wonderful job of this by dedicating a board titled, “Get To Know Us Series.”

Here is a wonderful example of creating a staff board for your hotel. Show off who works at your hotel on your Pinterest page to give it that friendly and welcoming feel to viewers.

Bonus: Use Pinterest to Create a Fantasy

This tip isn’t necessarily about a board, but rather it’s a feeling you should strive to capture in all your boards. In order to get customers to choose your hotel over other options, you hotel must be able to provide a sense of fantasy and luxury to potential guests. Think about how your pins can show off the type of lifestyle and service that guests can expect from your hotel. And ensure that you’re optimizing your pins to grab a viewer’s attention.

If the hotel is able to draw people into a daydreaming state of wanting to take a vacation, then your Pinterest profile and hotel has created a strong emotional bond with the viewer. Here’s a pin that’s from the Pinterest page of Wickaninnish Inn from Tofino, British Columbia that highlights killer whales to attract tourists who love wild marine life.

wickinn whales

These tips don’t just apply to four or five star hotels. It also applies to hostels that are looking to attract youthful travelers. Ensure that hostel boards also show what type of lifestyle travelers can expect when they stay.

Those are 7 boards that I highly recommend that every hotel Pinterest account have. It will draw in new customers, and if you create pins that exude luxury and style, I guarantee you will see an increase of repins.

About the Author

Vincent Ng MCNG marketingVincent Ng is the president and chief blogger at MCNG Marketing, and the founder of the Pintalysis Marketing Blueprint. He is a fanatic about social media and digital marketing, and can often be found pinning creative ads on his Pinterest account. Feel free to follow him on Twitter @VincentNg or on Google+.

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