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7 Pinterest Marketing Tips That Our Pinterest Profile Has Taught Me

Penned by Brittany Stoker

7 Marketing Tips You Should Use on Your Own Pinterest Profile by @pinnablebizI was recently brought on as the Chief Content Marketing Officer (I know—a mouthful, right?) for PinnableBusiness.com. I have always been fascinated with Pinterest, I admittedly had never thought of it or worked with it as a business tool.

My first few days on the job, I spent a lot of time exploring our content. PinnableBusiness.com is unique in that it is not just one voice stating an opinion, but rather a collection of expert voices sharing hard-earned insights.

I learned a lot!

However, what I learned from PinnableBusiness.com’s Pinterest profile was far greater. The first sentence of our Pinterest profile states, “Welcome to our Pinterest business library,” and it truly is a library! We have 28 boards with close to 1,200 pins that are all laser focused on Pinterest as a tool for businesses.

So, I spent the next several weeks really digging into our profile. From these efforts I came to understand what makes Pinterest a business superstar.

For this blog post I wanted to give a few tips and tricks I learned from spending so much time on our Pinterest profile. Hopefully they will be as valuable to you as they have been for me.

1. Promote Other People or Brands

If you visit our Pinterest board, “Small Businesses on Pinterest,” you will see on our board description that we invite and encourage small businesses to share their presence with us on Pinterest. We then have a pin where small businesses can leave comments about who they are. To date, we have had over 100 businesses respond.

With each business we create a pin on our Small Businesses on Pinterest board and promote it to the 7,573 pinners who are following just that one board.  This not only creates good will between us and small businesses, but from these efforts we have found some great case studies to write about on PinnableBusiness.com. So, be creative and collaborative with other businesses on Pinterest. You just never know what great karma will come from it.

2. Highlight Other Social Networks You Have

We love everything about Pinterest, but we are not blind to the fact that people also use other social networks. So, our third board on our Pinterest profile states, “Our Pin Hangouts.” This board highlights the six social networks we are active on. We even have a pin for our own Pinterest profile on this board, because you never know if someone will come across this pin in their search stream and discover us.

One final note, in our board description we humorously share that we hope to be active someday on YouTube. We wanted to let people know that we had a presence there, but that it was pathetic. It adds a little personality, and at the same time tells the user, “Don’t expect too much there.”

3. Align Your Boards with Your Content Focus

I went through all 28 boards and looked at which boards had the most followers. The king was our Pinterest Marketing board with 8,770 followers, and the caboose was Pinterest Charity with 7,262.

Interestingly enough, Pinterest Marketing is the second board you see when you visit our profile, and Pinterest Charity is our very last board. I learned that this was intentional. At Pinnable Business, we heavily focus our content on Pinterest marketing. We have yet to write anything about charities using Pinterest. We hope to, which is why we have it on our profile, but in the grand scheme of our content, it is very low.

4. Utilize Your Board Description

I have to admit we are not the best at having descriptions for all 28 of our boards (which is going to change shortly). However, on our key Pinterest boards, we do describe what those boards are about.

I looked at our site analytics and those boards in the last year have sent us an extra 10,200+ unique visitors to our website. There is no doubt that many people found our Pinterest profile due to organic and Pinterest searches. By writing keyword rich descriptions, you will exponentially increase the probability of your intended audience finding you.

5. Do Market Research with Pinterest

As stated in Tip #3, our Pinterest Marketing board has the most followers. Yes, it is the second board you see when you visit our profile. However, our first board, Pinterest for Business, actually has 1,200 fewer followers, and our third board, “Our Pin Hangouts” has 1,400 fewer followers.

This sort of data is important to understand. Obviously, those who are coming to our profile are looking for material about Pinterest marketing. We definitely realize this and cater our content accordingly. However, if your following is not large enough to be able to discern this information, go check out your competitors who do. It’s always nice to have someone else put in all the effort while you benefit from the knowledge.

6. Be Laser Focused

This advice seems to fly in the face of all the Pinterest marketing and strategy blog posts out there. What we often hear is that we should be diverse and show some personality. This advice is good but unfortunately not great.

When blogging or creating social media content, you should show personality but in a conforming way. I know, how very unsocial media of me. Where is my free social and Internet carefree spirit? However, pinners really want to see content that has a laser focus.

For our Pinterest profile, everything is about two things: Pinterest and business. If the topic or pin does not fit within between these two axes (I am fairly sure that is the plural form of axis) on our Pinterest profile graph, we do not add it. In that way, anyone who visits our profile has no doubt what we are all about—Pinterest for Businesses.

Studies show that pinners view only the first two rows of your boards before deciding to follow all your boards. By having interests scattered to the four winds, you decrease the chances of being universally followed. At the very least, try to suppress your disorderly inner child at the bottom of your profile, where it will get less attention than your orderly, but more followed, adult Pinterest persona.

7. Use PinAlerts.com to Increase Your Followers

So, this is obviously a shameless plug for PinAlerts.com, our sister site, but it is a fabulous Pinterest marketing tool. You can follow all six of the previous suggestions perfectly, but if you are not aware who is coming to your site and pinning your content to their profile, what’s the point of having one anyway?

PinAlerts notifies you whenever someone pins something from your website onto Pinterest. This allows you to reach out to these individuals and encourage them to follow your Pinterest profile. This is a tactic we have been doing at Pinnable Business for some time and it works well. Our users have genuinely appreciated the personal touch, and it shows them that we are real, living, breathing (mostly functional) people.


There you have it, my hard earned insights in seven meticulous tips. There is still so much more I have to learn, but I have found that really diving into Pinterest, particularly a well followed and well organized profile, can be the best teacher on how to really engage with others on Pinterest. Happy Pinning!

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