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Blickenstaff’s: a Toy Store that Drives Sales from Pinterest

Penned by Janet Thaeler

I met Kyle, the manager of Blickenstaff’s toy store, when he invited bloggers for a tour of the shop.  Located in Utah, Blickenstaff’s is as fun for adults to visit as it is for the kids. He recently told me of his success on Pinterest for driving sales. People see things they like on Pinterest and then visit the store to find the items.

I wanted to know more so I asked him a few questions about their story.

How did Blickenstaff’s get started on Pinterest?

I spend most evenings reading over current marketing strategies/social media/and other general items that might be beneficial to the store. I noticed Pinterest on Mashable and began doing it myself and loved it. Immediately I created a board for the store (not knowing what it would really be for). I just knew that it was going to be a hit with our demographic and so we needed to have a presence.

How has Pinterest benefited Blickenstaffs?

We have had several people in the store mention that they saw our boards on Pinterest as they were browsing/searching the site for specific items. Sadly, I don’t have any stats to share as far as how it translated into specific measurable metrics. Regardless of the stats I know that Pinterest has benefited the store. There are not a lot of brands currently involved and as such we have the opportunity to be a thought-leader in our niche. Our boards are about fun childhood things – not just the toys we share. We are positioning ourselves as authorities on “fun” and this is a great way to do that 🙂

How have you promoted your Pinterest Page?

We’ve promoted our boards online both on our Facebook and in our blog. We don’t currently have anything in the store set up to promote it – but it will definitely be coming soon!

Future plans you want to share (you alluded to Amazon – so maybe that you want to recommend toys that you don’t carry, or contests, etc.):

We’re currently looking into the process of setting up an affiliate account with Amazon to see if we can earn revenue off of items we don’t carry but would still recommend. Like I said we’d like to be authorities on all things fun – not just toys 🙂

Small businesses can learn from Blickenstaff’s approach – rather than seeing themselves as a toy store they expanded their vision (which is perfect for Pinterest).

Thanks Kyle for the interview and please keep us posted!

Check out Blickenstaff’s on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/blickenstaffs/

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