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Getting Likes and Comments on Your Pinterest Boards

Penned by Jennifer Bennett

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You have a Pinterest page, you’re posting your blog articles, and you even have a few followers. Now what? Is anyone really listening to what you have to say? You haven’t seen any re-pins, comments, or likes on your boards. Is Pinterest really worth your time?

There’s no need to freak out if your Pinterest boards aren’t making a big impression yet, these things take time, and work. Just like any other social media site. Of course, there are things to be done that can increase your following, and today I’m sharing a few tips.

Have Something to Offer

By nature no one will be inclined to look at your Pinterest page unless you have something that appeals to them. There’s really no way of knowing what people like, and the only judge you have is yourself. Think about though, if you’ve been successful in other social media platforms than you do have something to offer.

When you pin something make sure it’s something that would make you look twice. Chances are if it’s something that gives you pause, it will give other people pause as well. Don’t be afraid to find things you like. When you are being true to yourself, other people like you will also be attracted to your page. If they can relate to you, then they will most likely stick by you.

Don’t be Afraid to Talk About it

There is a fine line between sharing something with people and spam, so be wary of that when you take on this venture. Still, how is anyone going to know you have a Pinterest page if you don’t tell them. Put a Pinterest button on your website. Mention it on Twitter every once in awhile. Tell your Facebook friends. Put a link on your Linked-in account. In sort, if you don’t get the word out, who will?

Comment and Like Other People’s Pins

A disclaimer needs to be made before I go any further. There is an issue on the internet of assumed reciprocation. I’ve gotten comments on my blog that infuriate me to no end. Comments like “looks like you have a great blog here, come check mine out too.”  I mean, really? You think that is going to make me come to your blog once, let alone come back to it?

The point is, you shouldn’t be going to someone else’s boards unless you are being genuine. Your first comment will most likely not bring anyone back to your page. You have to be consistent and you have to judge whether or not they would like your pin boards in return. Use sound judgment and before long you may find attention gathering on your pinboards.

In short Pinterest, like any other social media site takes a little work. But with time and effort you’ll find the payback in traffic to your website and your business. Keep at it, it will be worth it in the end.

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4 Responses to Getting Likes and Comments on Your Pinterest Boards

  1. Tauni says:

    Interesting commentary. Though Pinterest is great for sharing ideas visually, I find that there really isn’t a whole lot of conversation taking place…

    The comment “looks like you have a great blog here, come check mine out too” always makes me giggle. I rarely see statements like that though because they are almost always spam and I have a great filter.

    • Janet says:

      I can’t stand those dumb comments you see more on Pinterest. Some people delete all comments because they just want images. I agree it’s more for looking and not for conversations. To me that means no pressure to write or respond and it’s the only social media that I don’t feel obligated to participate beyond just looking.

      • lol! I have a gotten a few dumb comments as well, but I have also gotten comments that have made me think. I could see it blossoming into a Facebook like atmosphere for images, but right now it’s more about looking.

    • Funny you should say that, because I have quite a few comments and likes on my Pinterest Boards (mostly likes) but they all come from friends who read my blog regularly, and therefore feel comfortable sharing ideas with me.

      I don’t see Pinterest as a huge conversation place, but I think if more people like and comment often, then more likes and comments will begin to circulate. It could become a bigger talking point especially with boards that have controversial images, such as photoshop before and afters.