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Guess Launched Pinterest Contest Based on Color

Penned by Janet Thaeler

Guess brand has a very creative Pinterest contest that revolves around color. Many boards on Pinterest are a collection of colors (see this wedding page organized by color).

Note: the contest has ended but it’s a great example of capitalizing on a current trend – organizing boards around color.

Here’s how the “Color Me Inspired” contest worked:

1. Create a board around one of the 4 spring colors from the GUESS spring collection of colored jeans. The colors were not just teal, orange, red and purple but: “Noir Teal,” “Hot House Orange,” “Red Hot Overdue” and “New Plum Light.”

2. Include your color choice in your board description and pin at least 5 images that inspire you. You must re-pin their main image about the contest here: http://pinterest.com/pin/109353097172106301/ they also had a post about it on Facebook (since removed). This is a great example of leveraging Facebook fans.

3. Each pin must include the hashtag #GUESScolor and link their board to the GUESS “Color Me Inspired” contest board.

4. They selected 4 winners who got a pair of jeans free. The judges were style bloggers, Michelle Koesnadi of Glisters and Blisters, Kristina Bazan of Kayture, Jennifer Rand of Belle De Couture and Samantha Hutchinson of Could I Have That. That’s a great way to help get the word out – involve bloggers. I’m curious what they paid the bloggers to participate.

5. The contest ran for one week and got a lot of very low cost publicity (the story got some decent social sharing just from this post) for their new collection. Even after the contest ends the pins with the new jean collection remains.

This idea would translate well if you’re a jewelry retailer or launching a line of new patterns or colors for your product (whether your product is shoes, bags, etc). It can be a great launch strategy.

Have you seen contests that do a good job of piggybacking on current trends on Pinterest? Leave us a comment.

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