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How Nashville Wraps Integrates Pinterest into their Marketing

Penned by Janet Thaeler

We’re impressed with ecommerce site Nashville Wraps and how they leverage Pinterest for marketing. The company sells eco-friendly gift and food packaging.

We asked Buffie Baril, Nashville’s Internet Advertising Manager what attracted them to Pinterest. We decided to broaden our social media marketing into Pinterest because our products are so visual and because we receive lots of images from customers who show our packaging beautifully. It is also a great place to pin our blog images.

Here’s the simple thing they did that made us click: on their Valentine’s Day landing page, they included a link that says: Valentine ideas we love on Pinterest. It takes you to a Valentines-themed board that has over 1,000 followers, almost as many as their entire account.


Most of the pins are from their own site, and they don’t have many repins on this board. Instead, there are many Valentine crafts and ideas they’ve pinned from around the web (original pins) that relate to gift packaging. Here’s what we thought was smart: in the pin description they briefly describe the image then link to a product on their site that could be used to make the craft.

Example: they repinned this pin of a Valentine’s Day gift bag with a free printable. In the description (tough to see, but we highlighted it below) it has a brief description of the pin and a link to the clear bags they sell on their site.


Instead of simply pinning their products, they’re showing ideas. It works because people are more likely to repin an idea than just an image of their product. Plus people often keep the description you write when they repin something. In all of the 8 repins we checked, the description was unaltered. That means their reach was significantly magnified.

Does Pinterest drive sales, traffic or both for Nashville Wraps?  Pinterest doesn’t drive a huge amount of sales yet, but it does drive a lot of traffic to our website. We are seeing those numbers increase every month, so we are encouraged by that. We also realize some people may come to our website and get our catalog and call in an order which doesn’t get tracked as an online sale. They noted another benefit: reaching their target market. We can reach a lot of designers and small businesses that we would not have otherwise.

One missed opportunity is to add a pin it button to each product on their site to encourage more pins. There are just a few pins from their website on Pinterest now. (Of course, rather than searching, we suggest signing up for PinAlerts to get an email alert.)

For now, Pinterest is a fun way for Nashville Wraps to market their brand.

The best part about Pinterest is that it’s free and very easy to use. You can create a beautiful set of boards in a very short amount of time. We try to sync our social media marketing together. Every Friday we publish a new blog. Once it’s published, we’ll post it on Twitter, Facebook and pin the images to Pinterest. This helps us get a big push all at once with all the major players in the social media world.

We think other brands can learn from their approach. How can you apply this to your Pinterest marketing strategy?

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