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How Joseph Knoop Got Over 4 Million Followers on Pinterest

Penned by Janet Thaeler

We recently featured an infographic with the top male fashion pinners on Pinterest. It featured power pinner Joseph Knoop. According to this list of top Pinterest users, Joseph (here’s his Pinterest profile) is the 8th most followed person on Pinterest in the men’s fashion category.

When he first started pinning his profile was featured on the “Suggested People to Follow” when someone signed up for a new account (Pinterest no longer does this). We asked him to reveal how he built such a strong following, who has over 4 million followers on Pinterest.


How did you get started on Pinterest? 

I got started on Pinterest something like 2 years ago. I can’t exactly remember how I found it, but I believe I saw an ad for it, or something like that. I just created an account because it looked like fun!

Do you have a background in men’s fashion?

I don’t have any “formal background” in men’s fashion. That is to say that I have never been to school for fashion design or anything fashion related. I have worked in retail though. I guess that counts for something, right? I believe that everything is influenced by fashion, and fashion is influenced by everything. Music, film, even literature has influence in the fashion world! I have just always been a fan of culture, and fashion is culture!

Why did you choose Pinterest (being a man, when there weren’t many men on the site)?

To be honest I had no idea that Pinterest was considered a women’s site. I still don’t see it as one! Sorry girls! I just knew that it had huge potential, and I wanted to be part of it!

What came first, your blog or your Pinterest page?

I’d been blogging long before Pinterest although I was not using the Tumblr I use today. I was on Blogspot. It was called: Desert Island All Time Top 5. The name was taken from a line I stole from “High Fidelity,” a book I love by Nick Hornby. It’s a great book! I highly recommend it!

Where do you find inspiration for your boards?

I am inspired by everything around me; songs I hear, people I meet, books I read etc! I have some kind of ADD, and being that the world is full of amazing beautiful things it can be a little hard to process. So anyone out there that struggles with this too, will know what I mean! For me, Pinterest makes sense. It is an easy way for me to take all of my interests from all over the blogosphere and organize them in my own way that makes sense to my crazy brain!

Any tips on how people should lay out their boards visually?

I look at Pinterest as if it were a magazine. I organize it by subject matter, putting the things I find most interesting at the top and go down from there. I make sure that each board has the best picture as the cover of the board and that as the boards flow across the page that the pictures don’t clash one with another. Flow is important if your presenting it to a large audience or business.

Do you have any tips for naming your boards?

Naming your boards is a personal preference. I have been complimented on many occasions on my board names. Like in anything, just be creative!

What was your approach to getting over 4 million followers?

It’s hard to say one thing that helped me to get the number of followers that I have. Pinterest has changed so much since I first started. I have put some work in to make it happen. If I were to advise anyone in how to get followers I would say go look at blogs! Find what interests you and pin those things! Try to re-pin less and pin more from blogs! Pin a lot of content and frequently! There are others out there that like what you like, you just have to pin and they will find you!

What kind of opportunities have opened up for you because of Pinterest?

I would have to say that my life has changed quite a bit because of Pinterest! I have received many job offers and have done things I could only have dreamed of. I feel very blessed! I am currently working on a project with a men’s fashion line called Bonobos. Their shirts are amazing!

Do you have a strategy for when/how often you pin?

To be honest, I don’t really have a strategy for my own personal Pinterest. If I were to suggest a strategy, it would just be to pin often and pin lots! It also helps to try and focus the majority of your efforts on just a few boards.

What are the most important things a business should do to be successful on Pinterest?

If a business wants to be successful on Pinterest, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Don’t find an intern and call it good! Hire someone to do your social media! I work with a company called Storylark that contracts with companies to do exactly that.
  2. When you hire someone or choose someone, make sure they have an artistic eye, preferably a background in design.
  3. Finally, have fun! Pinterest Shouldn’t be a drag. Allow yourself to enjoy what you are doing.

Thank you for your insight Joseph!

If you have any questions for Joseph, please them in the comments below.

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