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How to Pin Images from Facebook

Penned by Janet Thaeler

Here’s a quick tip. You’ve probably noticed that you cannot pin images directly from Facebook. However, I’ve found a workaround so you can. To do it you will need to have the “Pin It” button installed on your browser. Then follow these steps.

1. Click on the image you want to pin. You’ll get a larger version with likes and comments displayed. Here’s an example:

2. Right click on your mouse and select the option to “view image.”

3. Click the Pin It button and save the image to Pinterest. Add a description or commentary about the image. If you want to link it to a blog post or web site, view the pin and then select the edit option. Add a URL. Then save.

I predict that one day images on Facebook will be linked to blog posts or web sites, like on  Pinterest. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t stop clicking on Facebook images. Now with these tips, you can at least pin the images from Facebook and then go back and manually add a link.

One last tip – most people do not know how to pin images from Facebook. So be sure to post the images you want people to pin on your blog as well. Include a “Pin It” button to encourage pinning and you’ve just increased online exposure for your business.

Have a Pinterest tip? We are always looking for guest posts about Pinterest from the business community.

  • charmaine Anderson

    My daughter wondered if you could do this so I am sending this to her.

  • Jody

    I am doing a right mouse click but the view image option does not come up. Also, I have the pin it button on my browser bookmarks bar. Is there another way to install it on my browser that would give me more pin options?

    • http://pinnablebusiness.com Janet

      Jody, be sure that you click on the image and it’s showing full screen. You don’t see an option to view the image? You could right click and copy the image URL then paste that in your broswer. Then pin it.

      What kind od pin options do you want? I hear Chrome has a slick add-on for Pinterest.

      • Jody

        I am an artist and teacher and I want to be able to take a picture of what I make and pin it from iPhoto library. I am new to pinterest and love it, but would like to be able to pin directly if possible.

      • Jody

        I tried the save image as, but it only lets me move it to desktop or download, but not pin it. I am doing this when it is full screen. I will keep trying.

        • Catherine

          Hi Jodie, I wanted to do similar so I opened a Flickr account, savedmy photos, then pin from Flickr. Works!

          • Jody

            Thank you! I will try that.

  • http://www.buildalittlebiz.com karen gunton

    this doesn’t work for me either – no ‘view image’ option with the right click, and yes i have the facebook image at full screen. i wonder if it depends on what browser you use? i am on chrome… also, it used to work if you opened the image in a new tab and clicked the pin it button, but that doesn’t seem to work any more.

    • Beth Anne Bonetti

      Right click and “Copy image URL”. Then “Add a Pin” and
      “Paste” the URL in the box next to “Find Images”. Then click “Find Images” and the picture will appear.

  • http://www.youtube/yogatic bas paul

    You are right there Karen, it does not work in Safari either but firefox seems to work fine

  • http://pinterest.com/starcastle/ Susann Stjernborg

    I am using a plugin for Chrome called Quick Pinterest and it pins from Facebook without any problem.

  • Amanda

    there is an app that easily does this. Try it out at http://www.pinbookapp.com

    • http://pinnablebusiness.com Paul

      Thanks Amanda! I will have to try this extension out!

  • Pinto album

    There is an extention also allowing to go the other way around and pin to facebook albums here is the chrome store link https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-photos-collector/eipmmjdnomfibgchcpijomkiciipiedi/details?hl=en