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Is Pinterest Broken? Pinterest Stops Updating Their Home Page!

Penned by Paul Wilson

For the last three days Pinterest has shown the exact same pins for anyone who visits the home page if they are not logged in. It is quite possible this is a glitch on Pinterest’s end, but if not it may be a move on the company’s part to agressively push people to login.

If you logout and view the home page, the first five pins showing are: 1) a sinful no bake  oreo and peanut butter cup dessert, 2) the Volvo XC60, 3) a village resort in Thailand, 4) a crafty tree looking bookcase, 5) and a cute baby wearing an angry bird cap.

For the last week I have been traveling and tonight when I phoned my wife, Lindsey, her pressing news was how she thought something might be wrong with our Internet, or worse, Pinterest. She even checked her iPhone 4S and it seemed to her that Pinterest was stuck in time, giving her no new visual delights.

Lindsey (who hates logging in) and I have had a long standing disagreement on the merits of following predictable friends verses following the unknown and mysterious masses. Personally, I like to control my flow of pin topics and interests; whereas my wife, who is much more adventurous, likes to peep in on the often bizarre mobs of humanity (the jury is still out on whose method of snooping is best).

In case you are wondering, I did call my friends, Rebecca and Eric, in Canada and confirmed that they saw the same issue. In fact, Rebecca—a die hard pinner—said she had noticed the home page hadn’t updated for the last several days as well. So, we know this much, the Canadians are not to blame =).

No matter who is to blame or for what purpose the changes were made, I think Lindsey is spot on when she summed this new development up as: “Very unnnnnnnnnnnpinteresting!”

Update: About 20 minutes after this post was published the home page pins changed. I am not so arrogant to believe that Pinterest’s CEO, Ben Silbermann, is an avid reader of Pinnable Business (though I wouldn’t complain). Instead, I believe I caught this development as things were changing on the home page. Interestingly enough, I rechecked with my friends and wife and the home pins are the same for everyone. So, it is likely that Pinterest is now only updating their home page every 48 to 72 hours.

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