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Pin and Repin: Pinterest as a Business Marketing Plan

Penned by Jessica Watts

Pin & Repin: Pinterest as a Business Marketing PlanYou just saw an amazing photo on the Internet and decided to check it out. It led you to this website called “Pinterest.”

You’ve been trying to figure out what this site is all about. You likely know several thousand (billion) people who are addicted to it. But did you know many businesses use it to market to customers? They do.

In fact, it’s entirely likely that the photo you found was part of an elaborate marketing strategy and you didn’t even know it. Here’s how to incorporate this clever site into your own company’s customer outreach program.

1. Go to Pinterest.com

Local marketing firms, such as Yodle.com, often recommend local businesses sign up for a business Pinterest account. Why? Because Pinterest visualizes your company’s products unlike any other site. Photos get shared via “re-pins”to other users and, pretty soon, your local business isn’t just local anymore.

And, if you don’t run a local business, Pinterest will put you “on the map” in the vast ocean of national companies out there. So, start your journey by heading to pinterest.com. Click “convert your existing account.” It’s OK if you don’t have an account. You can set one up from scratch using this method, too.

2. Select Your Business Type

Your business type is pretty obvious. Click on the “business type”section and then scroll through the list of options. If you’re a local business, there’s an option for you. If you’re a public figure, media company, online retailer, or even a professional, you can have your own account.

The contact name you enter can be anyone – it’s not going to be shown publicly. But, for the email address, put your company email in there because Pinterest periodically sends emails and you don’t want them going to just one employee’s account.

3. Fill Out Your Company Information

Fill out the usual information. Your business name goes on top, then, input your desired URL on Pinterest and a little blurb about your business. Finally, enter your website. Done.

4. Read the Agreement and Agree to the TOS

Read over the agreement. No one reads it, but give it the old college try. Or not. You’re responsible for abiding by the TOS, so maybe your company’s lawyer can read it over for you. When you’re ready to accept the terms, make sure the little box under the TOS is checked and click “Convert Account.”

Presto! You have a Pinterest business account.

5. Wreak Havoc on Your Users

Just kidding. Don’t do that.

Log into your account and get familiar with the layout. Your next step is to decide on a game plan – what you want to accomplish with the site. Then, start curating photos you want to pin to your company’s board.

Keep in mind you can create multiple boards and pin many different kinds of photos. So, if you have several product lines or departments, you can create a board for each one. In fact, it’s recommended that you set up your account this way so that it’s easy for users to sort through your photos and browse according to “categories.”

About the Author
Jessica Watts is a firm believer in web marketing. With years as a branding manager behind her, she enjoys helping today’s businesses build modern online marketing plans.

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