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Pinterest Adds a Category for Quotes (Finally)!

Penned by Janet Thaeler

Have you seen the new categories on Pinterest? We’re most excited about the new Quotes category. As we all know quotes are huge on Pinterest. This one of Adele has almost 600 repins (and is a clever way to market music by putting lyrics together with images of the singer).

Quotes are a great way to market your business. We like how DegreeSearch uses quote marketing with education-themed pre-made quotes available for pinning. It appears to be effective. There are over 60 pins from the blog post that has the images. The best part of quote marketing is that you can reuse the images. Create quotes related to your business and put them on all your social profiles (blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest).

The other categories added are Tattoos and Weddings. The name of the The Pets category is now called Animals. The Prints & Posters category has been renamed Illustrations & Posters.

Categories are what shape content on Pinterest and most of the categories appeal to women more than men. If you compare the categories on sites like Reddit or Digg you’ll see the difference. You won’t, for example, find a token “women’s fashion” category on those sites (Pinterest has a “Men’s Fashion” category).

We think Pinterest should add a Religious category next – what do you think they should add?

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