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Pinterest’s New Analytics Features Welcomes Brands, Agencies, & You!

Penned by Danny Maloney

Pinterest just launched their first set of analytics features—a long awaited release for marketers using the platform.

In a blog post this morning, Pinterest announced it’s first analytics features to the world. At PinLeague, this news excited us greatly. As the largest third-party Pinterest Analytics tool, we’ve been out and about preaching the power of Pinterest’s data for a while now. This release is going to show businesses of all sizes the true impact of Pinterest—and should, in turn, fuel growth in the Pinterest ecosystem.

Pinterest Analytics Are Pretty Similar to Facebook Insights

Pinterest’s new Web Analytics bear a striking resemblance to core metrics in Facebook Insights: Impressions, Reach, Content Reach and Unique Pinners. Pinterest is quite different from Facebook, though, in that most of the value is given away by driving traffic off-site, while Facebook tries to keep you within its walls as long as possible. Thus, while Facebook Insights focuses mostly on actions on the site and with your posts, Pinterest’s Web Analytics launches with a focus on Pins by other users from your verified domain.

The current reports show:

  1. How many pins are generated from your site
  2. Repins, impressions, reach and clicks for those pins
  3. Most recent, repinned and clicked pins from your site

In order to use Pinterest’s Analytics features you need to first verify your domain on Pinterest and then change to the new Pinterest layout.

Pinterest Analytics Feature: Site Metrics

Pinterest Site Metrics

The Site Metrics tab currently contains four reports:

  1. Number of Pins from your site over time and unique pinners
  2. Number of Repins from your site over time and unique repinners
  3. Number of Impressions of those pins over time and related reach
  4. Number of Clicks on those pins over time and related unique visitors

Many marketers will quickly find they need more than this. A whole slew of additional analytics features are available via third party tools. For example, these are some additional features in PinLeague’s Pinterest Analytics:

  1. See WHO Pinned from your domain
  2. See WHICH PINS generate traffic to your site
  3. See HOW MUCH REVENUE Pinterest is driving to your site
  4. Track COMPETITORS’ top pins from their domain

Pinterest Analytics Feature: The “Most” Tabs


The “Most” tabs help you see pins from your domain filtered by most recent, most repinned and most clicked pins. The pins are laid out in the same visual format as Pinterest’s feeds and category pages that you love. If you need a more data-oriented view, simply click “Export” to grab a .csv file.


Want more? PinLeague offers additional functionality here, too for the serious Pinterest Marketer:

  1. View top pins from your profile and filter by keyword, hashtag, category, board and more
  2. Sort top pins from your domain (“Brand Mentions”) by metrics such as Repins, Likes and Comments
  3. See which pins drive traffic to your site

This initial set of Pinterest Analytics features is beautifully designed and well executed. Check them out!

This article was adapted from Pinterest Analytics Features by Daniel Maloney at http://pinleague.com/pinterest-analytics-features/.

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