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The #1 Reason We Love April Fool’s Day

Penned by Brittany Stoker

Just kidding! :)You have to love April Fool’s Day on the Internet. This past year, some big names pulled some pretty amazing pranks. Here are just a few we remember from 2013:

  • Google announced a new service called Google Nose—do a Google search for something and Google returns the search term’s smell.
  • Vimeo became Vimeow for a day, shifting their focus to all cat videos.
  • Twitter announced it would be charging $5 per month for users who wanted to use vowels in their Tweets, or be downgraded to the free version of “Twttr.”
  • Seamless came out with a new option to allow people to upgrade their delivery service to have a more attractive delivery person bring them their pizza.

The spoilers did not disappoint today either.

  • Google, never one to shy away from a good April Fool’s Day opp, created the Google Pokemon challenge. The goal, of course, is for the user to “catch ’em all.”
  • Reddit came up with a telekinetic version of their service, referred to as Headdit. Are your fingers sore from scrolling and clicking? Use your head to scroll and vote by nodding. Are you a wizard!? Maybe.
  • For those of you just getting over the pain and frustration caused by Microsoft’s assistant “Clippy,” I hope you didn’t visit Office.com anytime today, because Clippy came back with a vengeance. If you’ve ever tried to click away from Clippy when he really REALLY wants to help you write a resume, you know what a cruel prank this really was. Well played, Microsoft.

Now never one to be left out, this year we did a prank of our own. We named PinAlerts for one day as WANP! & Co., a not-so-clever acronym for “We Are Not Pinterest & Company.” We created a logo, redirected PinAlerts.com users to www.wanp.co, and even changed all our social media accounts with our fictitious branding. As our first April Fool’s joke it was a lot of fun, and hopefully not our last.

Part of that joke did hold some truth though. We really are holding a contest to come up with a new name. Obviously, if WANP! & Co. is the best we can come up with, we need help! Who better to help us than our users who are familiar with our company and the benefits we provide?

We will be collecting suggestions over the next few weeks. As soon as we feel confident that we have a selection to choose from, our team will reconvene, select a name, and then hand the winner a brand new beautiful iPad Air.

So get your creative juices flowing and send us your suggestions by clicking here for your chance to win! (And no WANP! & Co.—one day was enough!)

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