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The Indiana Jones Approach to Pinterest for Business

Penned by Cynthia Sanchez

You may remember Indiana Jones as the title character in a series of adventure movies created by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. He is a scholar, adventurer, and hero traveling the world to save archaeological relics from the hands of evil. When it comes to being successful on Pinterest, there are certain traits that we could learn from Indiana Jones that help.

Be creative

Indiana Jones had to be creative to outsmart the bad guys. He had to use what he had on hand to get himself out of dangerous situations. On Pinterest, it is the accounts that are being used creatively that are getting attention.

Jasmina Kallay, a writer, along with with BeActive Media, have taken a very creative approach in their use of Pinterest. According to the BeActive website, they are the first to utilize Pinterest to launch a drama series. The series is based on Jasmina Kally’s novel Beat Girl. They have given the main character of the novel a Pinterest profile and created boards to unfold her story. The boards link to YouTube videos and images that reveal Heather’s story. There are also boards that give you further insight to Heather’s personality like ‘Me, Myself and I’ where the images and descriptions are used to give insight into Heather’s childhood.

 Source: Heather Jennings on Pinterest

Build the relationship

In each film of the Indiana Jones series, there is always a person that he has to develop and nurture a relationship with. He likes to portray the ‘in-control tough guy,’ but without his friends, he would fail.

Bed Bath & Beyond has recently launched a Pinterest account. At this time they have 10 separate boards, most of which have pins linking back to products for sale on their website. However, they have also done something special to give a more personal touch to their account.

In the profile description at the top of their Pinterest page, they include this line, “If you need anything, Andrew & Danielle are happy to answer your questions.” Who are Andrew and Danielle? On their very last board called ‘Meet our Team,’ Andrew and Danielle introduce themselves. In the video, Andrew adds a personal touch by announcing his upcoming wedding and they encourage Pinterest users to ask questions, leave comments and repin.

Source Bed Bath & Beyond on Pinterest

Bring home the treasure

There is always some sort of archaeological treasure that the bad guys are about to get away with to use for evil deeds in each Indiana Jones film. He must get it back and return it to safety.

In business we can look at having no sales as the bad guy and increased revenue as our treasure. Pinterest can be a valuable tool to bring in your treasure. Inc.com reported about a company called CamiBands that got a very nice surprise from Pinterest.

In the Inc.com article by Marla Tabaka, she writes that the company received an influx of orders out of the blue. The product is described as a “multi-use wardrobe extender” by CamiBands owner Holly Xerri. It had been worn by a Today Show host in the Fall of 2011 and brought in 3,500 hits to their website from that appearance. A few months later, in December of 2011 the CamiBand’s site received 40,000 hits over 4 days, all of which came from Pinterest.

When the orders started pouring in, Xerri had never heard of Pinterest. She now has an account.

Source Holly Xerrri on Pinterest

Right now Pinterest is the marketing equivalent of and unexplored foreign land and the full potential of Pinterest is yet to be discovered. To improve the chances of bringing the treasure home, Pinterest should be approached with creativity and personality.

Cynthia Sanchez is a social media consultant with a specialization in Pinterest and writes at OhSoPinteresting.com. You can follow Cynthia on Pinterest or connect with her on Twitter.

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