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The Lucky 7 Social Media Management Tools for Pinterest Marketing

Penned by Brittany Thorley

Lucky 7 Marketing ToolsManaging your social media marketing campaign with gusto is a challenge for businesses of all sizes, who may not always have the time or resources to be logged on and pinning throughout the work day.

Pinterest is one platform that has taken the social media world by storm in recent years. With 70 million users across the globe pinning the latest and greatest imagery from across the web, creating your own pins could just be the route you need to reach new customers and engage with current ones.

As social media marketers, we are all familiar with the scheduling tools that have kept us tweeting and gaining Facebook fans, but what tools are available for those looking to boost their pinnability? Here are the top seven tools that businesses can use to get pinning and extend their social media reach even further…

1. Pinvolve

Pinvolve is a handy, all-round tool that allows social novices and gurus alike to manage their Pinterest accounts without pushing time constraints to their limits, which we know is always a problem when promoting yourself on any social networking site.

Pinvolve ensures all your content is in one place for easy sharing across Pinterest as well as Facebook and Instagram. The tool automatically uploads straight from your pages, so no more waiting around for an image to upload.

2. PicMonkey

How many times have you found an image that would be perfect to pin with just a few tweaks? PicMonkey lets you make those edits and touch-ups to portray a professional corporate image.

PicMonkey is a simple system that allows you to make the changes you need to images, whether you are a pro or an editing newbie. The tool also allows you to create collages with a series of customization designs to ensure your pins standout from the crowd.

3. ShareAsImage

ShareAsImage transforms words into captivating images with a “post to pin” service, which allows you to use text from Twitter, Facebook, other social networks, and even your own website on more visual networks such as Pinterest.

ShareAsImage lets you get creative with a range of sharable and customizable images, crafting great content from quotes, mottos and other text.

4. Woobox

Many users delight in the “Pin It to Win It” competitions that companies from various markets run to promote their products or services. Woobox is one tool that should be an essential part of your marketing campaign if you are looking to extend your reach through points and prizes.

Through Woobox, you can launch sweepstakes, coupons, photo contests, instant wins, polls and pin to win competitions. Use their step-by-step guide to create interesting campaigns that appeal to your core demographic and get your brand noticed by the people who matter—your customers!

Woobox also allows you to display your Pinterest boards and pins on other social networks via its “Tab for Facebook and Twitter” features.

5. PinAlerts

PinAlerts is a tool that allows you to identify and engage with users that are interested in your specific brand. By selecting a series of criteria, you can receive personalized notifications that alert you when a user pins something from your site, giving you the know-how you need to thank users personally, invite interested parties to follow your other boards, and increase your wider Pinterest following.

6. Pinwoot

Increase your following for free with Pinwoot, the ultimate scheduling tool for Pinterest marketers. As well as allowing you to schedule pin publication in advance, Pinwoot actively promotes your Pinterest page to other pinners, giving you the exposure to connect with individuals and other brands.

7. Piqora

Tracking your activity, success, and setbacks is an essential part of any social media marketing strategy. Piqora gives you the tools you need to analyze across Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Keep a close eye on promotional campaigns to highlight which pins have been the most engaging, create landing pages to increase effectiveness further with their promotion templates and measure analytics on current campaigns to give you the stats you need to succeed in the future.

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