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Toys R Us Image Marketing: 5 Missed Opportunities

Penned by Janet Thaeler

Toys R Us is using a lot of images to market their sales and toys on Facebook this Christmas season where the toy retailer has have over 3 million fans. However, they don’t seem to be as active on Pinterest (almost 3,000 fans).

While Toys R Us does get original pins, they don’t get as many as you’d expect for such a large retailer (you’d think moms would pin toys their kids want). Looking through the pins they do get, you’ll see almost every one is saved to a Christmas wish list type of board (take note marketers).

Our favorite marketing piece is perfect for Pinterest – it markets their brand without being pushy (see below). There are no logos or branding except their brand name. This image could be expanded to be an even better fit for Pinterest. To do that, they could make the image more vertical and make it longer with a larger font size and more images to go with each of their tips.

About 25,000 people liked this image.

Here are 5 missed opportunities:

1. Add a tip to pin your Christmas toy wish list to Pinterest.

2. Add Pinterest Pin It buttons to their page.

3. Add a Pinterest tab to Facebook.

4. Create a Pinfographic that shows their highest rated or most popular toys – both a Facebook and a Pinterest version.

5. Expand the image they already created for Facebook into an image for Pinterest, by making it more vertical and adding images within the text.

Now that it’s Christmas, we’re on the lookout for brands who really get it when marketing on Pinterest for the holidays. What’s your favorite toy retailer on Pinterest?

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