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Upcoming PinAlerts.com Feature Announced (and How To Get it Free)

Penned by Paul Wilson

Last night we were interviewed by the weekly Twitter group #PinChat concerning PinAlerts.com (you can read the interview here). On that forum we shared how several companies have reached out to us and asked for a way to keep a record of their pins. To address this concern we will shortly be launching a new feature on PinAlerts—Pin History.

Pin History will allow users to not just rely on the emails they receive from PinAlerts, but instead they can log in and view all the pins they have received alerts on. Here’s a sneak peak of both the extended and condensed view of Pin History (though it is not quite finalized yet).

You will be able to download your pins into a csv, excel, or pdf file. Allowing for quick and easy reporting on your daily, weekly, and/or monthly pin activity.

Also, all the pins you have received from PinAlerts will appear in your Pin History even if you signed up with us months ago. We hope this will be a much added benefit to those individuals and businesses who are looking for solutions to track their Pinterest marketing strategies.

Once we have rolled out Pin History and stomped out all the bugs we will be launching our own version of Pinalytics. Basically, you will be able to have a holistic view of your pins and the effectiveness behind them. We also have several more features coming, but we don’t want to spoil all the surprises Ü.

The Pin History launch is still several weeks away (no firm date just yet), but all users of PinAlerts.com will be notified as soon as we are ready (so go sign-up!).

This new function of PinAlerts will be a paid feature, but rest assured that our email alerts will always and forever be free. We are diligently working to provide both free and paid solutions that will help both small and big businesses and also keep our doors open for future Pinterest tools.

In addition to announcing new features, we are also offering an opportunity to 25 bloggers to receive a 1 year free membership to our upcoming paid tools. To receive this free membership you simply need to blog about PinAlerts before we launch the Pin History feature. If you would like to receive this free membership send over your blog post link. We will announce the 25 chosen blog posts when we open up Pin History to the world.

We are enjoying ourselves immensely developing these creative Pinterest tools, but we know that we cannot do it alone. If you have further ideas or insights on how we can improve PinAlerts please do not hesitate to let us know.

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