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Using Pinterest to Understand Consumers

Penned by Jennifer Bennett

As an active member of social media in general, I like to feel heard. When I write a personal blog post, say something on twitter, or update my status on Facebook, I like to receive feedback. I can tell when I say something resonates with people because I get a response. It’s funny because often posts that I don’t think people will respond to become the most popular.

Perhaps it’s because in those posts I’m shedding my skin and saying what I think without caring about other people’s opinions. Whatever the reason it’s good to know that I have other people who believe in me and back up my crazy ideas.

The only reason I initially follow any business is because I want to know more about them. I’m interested in the product, but I want to feel like they are understanding my concerns as a consumer.

If I like a company or I have a problem with them, I am likely to stalk their social media sites and express my opinion. Before social media it was much harder to be heard. It was hard enough that most people wouldn’t bother with it. But with today’s accessibility to once unreachable corporations people are more likely to express how they feel, and they are more likely to share.

So what does Pinterest have to do with all of this? Pinterest is great way to share ideas in visual form. Whatever is on your businesses mind, you can share with the pinners that follow you. If your ideas resonate with people enough they will talk about it, they will share it, and traffic will be driven to your website.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve click re-pin just because something struck me in a way that nothing else did. You never know what is going to hit your customers just right.

Here’s the thing, once you get people talking (and it will take awhile) listen to them! This is your chance to come out as business that will listen to its consumers and adjust the products accordingly. People want to be heard. If you are listening, then the consumer is going to recommend you.

Not only will they share with their friends, but they will be life-long customer because they felt validated in their opinions. Every business knows that’s better to retain consumers than find new ones. If your business isn’t willing to change, you will lose customers.

It’s simple logic, really. We are people with emotions and feelings that sometimes need to be shared. This is why social media is so successful. This is why Pinterest is so successful. For the first time people feel like to organize their thoughts and feelings while also sharing those things they like with others. It’s a recipe for success.

Active users of social media, use social media because they want to be heard. If you are bringing your business up to the modern age, then you need to be prepared to listen to your consumers. Why not show them some love on Pinterest?

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