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Why Pinterest is Better for Business Than Other Social Media Sites

Penned by Jennifer Bennett

As a blogger who constantly works to build my profile I have been on every social media site there is (but only if people are talking about it). I tend to get excited about new platforms. Each new site will bring different types of users to it.

I have loyal fans of my blog, some good friends on Facebook, and I’m always finding someone new on twitter. These are the main sites that I wouldn’t go without, but recently I’ve added Pinterest to my list.

I’ve tried other social media sites that focus on pictures. Tumbler was my first experiment. I ‘re-blogged’ a few pictures and videos, but it wasn’t for me.

Tumbler has its place. A few tumbler blogs are instant hits, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Noses for example, but Tumbler isn’t as efficient as Pinterest is. In Tumbler your picture (or video, or words, if you should so choose) is your web presence. If you use tumbler you should be prepared to share your message in very condensed and succinct way.

Pinterest has a stronger hold over Tumbler because you hook people with an image and link that image back to your website. If you use Tumbler, it is your website. If you use Pinterest, you’re giving people a sneak peek into what your brand is all about.

Of course, to hook people on your pinboards you will need to pin often and it doesn’t hurt to re-pin something as long as it still getting the message of your product or brand across.

Now, Pinterest isn’t the first sight to think of sharing images. Places like We Heart It have used the same basic concept when it comes to pictures. The difference between a site like We Heart It and Pinterest is that Pinterest is about finding things you like such as artwork, food, or home items. We Heart It is only about pictures. It draws in a much younger (and sometimes vulgar) crowd of users.

You can’t point the success of Pinterest to any one thing, but there is no mistaking what a huge success it has become. I have friends who will browse Pinterest for hours, and got lost in the maze of blog posts, tutorials, and anecdotes. They do this almost daily. It’s a user friendly program that allows them to organize wants and dreams.  Your business can be part of that organization.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t watch much television. And if I do, it is using a platform like Netflix that keeps the ads away. Business have to branch out from the usual advertising techniques. Pinterest is something that I, as a consumer, will pay more attention to than traditional advertising. Because even though I may not watch television, I am on the internet quite a bit.

I use the internet more because it fits with my schedule and I can find the things that I want. Pinterest is taking the internet by storm, and if your business isn’t on there you are losing out on potential clients.

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