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Why Having Small Businesses on Board is Good for Pinterest

Penned by Jennifer Bennett

There are people out there who wish business would step out of Pinterest and stay out. They might even say that businesses are ruining Pinterest.

People are pinning items from businesses even if the business itself hasn’t even set up an account. The truth is, business drives Pinterest. More than half of the pins I see everyday come from owners of Etsy shops. I think the average Jane sees Etsy shops as a more personal way to do business. These are people with talent who now have a viable platform in which to sell their products.

If half of the pins I see belong to Etsy shop then another quarter of them belong to bloggers. Mainly food and craft bloggers, but people who pin tutorials none the less. The other fourth is a random splattering of big business, funny quotes, and pictures used for inspiration.

Looking at my Pinterest home page I am immediately assaulted with items that I want. That’s the purpose pinning—to be able to recognize things I enjoy and immediately claim them as my own on my Pinterest boards.

Without those small business, mainly Etsy shops and Bloggers, Pinterest would be a very empty space. Could you imagine getting on Pinterest and not being able to find an amazing recipe or the next “must have” for your home? It’s small businesses that are driving that.

Those who want businesses out of Pinterest can shout and stomp their feet all day. The fact remains that small business is booming thanks to Pinterest. It used to be that those who had a product to offer would have to find a conventional way of selling their goods.

They could branch out locally, but rarely could they get the exposure the internet provides. Plus, it was a lot more work to get products out there.

Let’s face it, the economy is in bad shape. Wealth is decreasing and gas prices are rising, but that can change. Small businesses that are gaining wide exposure are helping the economy. They are circulating money in a way that the economy benefits from. It’s not the answer to the financial crisis, but it’s not hurting it either.

The chance for small business to take advantage of sites like Pinterest, is a chance to boost not only the economy but the general well being of those who look at Pinterest.

More and more, I’m seeing Pinterest as a way to not only categorize  my wants, but to discover my taste and therefore consume products in a more educated fashion. I might walk into a department store and see something I like, but my mind will drift back to those things I have pinned on Pinterest. If I don’t think the product measures up, I won’t buy it. Even if it cost a little more at an Etsy shop. Why? Because I believe the product will be better quality.

The fact is, small business is driving what people are pinning and therefore driving what people are buying. And that, my friends, is the beginning of a revolution.

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